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First let me say, I understand you and your reasons for wanting to visit Ukraine. More importantly, I also understand why you may want to leave your home country. You should start by reading my About Me and my journey to becoming the King of Kyiv. I have helped people from multiple countries come and visit Ukraine, but my specialty is in helping Americans because I went through the process myself and I know exactly what is needed to plan a trip to Ukraine when traveling from America. Most European countries have similar rules for travel to Ukraine as America, but there can be a few exceptions and tricky situations to watch out for, which is why I suggest you contact me to assist with your travel planning. The last thing you want to have happen is to be turned away at the border because you overlooked some rule or restriction. With COVID-19 restrictions constantly changing you want to guarantee that you do everything right before arrival. That being said, traveling to Ukraine is fairly straightforward and easy, but I can help make it a smooth and worry free process for you. Contact Me today for assistance with your trip planning.