Conor Clyne Is A Con Artist And Sexual Predator

Conor Clyne (not his actual real name, he hides his true identity) and his website are a complete scam, an elaborate fraud, and one of the most unethical things I have ever seen. If you are not aware of who Conor Clyne is and what he offers, check out his website. Tell him the King of Kyiv said hello while you are there. Conor Clyne has fleeced an unknown number of individuals out of 10,000, 20,000, possibly even 100,000 USD. Go look for yourself, those are the prices for his in person travel packages. However, Conor’s main business is actually selling his web seminars and lessons on dating Slavic women, for the low price of $2,997 for access to all his courses. It’s impossible to know how many men have been taken for a ride by Conor. I would say Conor Clyne is probably the most successful professional dating scammer in Ukraine, and he’s not even a woman!

Now I’m going to reveal some never before made public information about Conor Clyne. Before I do, let me tell you how I came by this information. I meet a lot of foreigners and expats here in Ukraine. Whenever I hear someone speaking fluent English, or if they just look like an American, I’m going to go out of my way to say hello. I want to hear their story of how they ended up in Kyiv. How I met the source of this information is no different, and he was very hesitant to speak about Conor Clyne at first, but once I told him what I was doing as the King of Kyiv, he opened up about Conor Clyne and his experience. He has asked to remain anonymous for his own personal safety, whereas I welcome the wrath of Conor Clyne. Conor, if you’re reading this, I have a lawyer on retainer and the number of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine ready to go. This individual has personally met Conor Clyne multiple times while traveling around Ukraine as part of his work here in Ukraine and the things he witnessed, and took some photographs of Conor doing with a client would make your skin crawl. If you want to read this first, skip to the end.

First, let’s take a look at some links to research others have done on Conor Clyne.

The above link is an archived version of one of Conor Clyne’s first failed iterations of his scam. used to go by but he has left his old website up for the boost it gives him in search ranking by linking to each other. He also owns which was his first failed attempt at selling online courses. Conor has given an interview where he admits his first business in selling language courses failed, and he pivoted to selling freely available pickup artist techniques under his current brand. You’ll notice Conor has always had an affiliation to the word “tsar”, all of his brands have included this word. The following link is the interview he gave.

#54. Discovering Your True Niche and Unlocking Your Business Potential with Conor Clyne from Tsar Experience

Now let’s look at some of the research other’s have done on Conor Clyne and made publicly available. These Reddit posts should be very enlightening.

What do we know about Conor Clyne? from BaldAndBaldrDossier

In case you are wondering why PUA scum like Bald, Harald and Irish Partizan operate exclusively in EE/FSU or SE Asia… from BaldAndBaldrDossier

Now you may be asking yourself, who is this “Bald” guy. That is a reference to Benjamin Rich, who runs a YouTube channel called “Bald and Bankrupt”, and I will refer to as Bald. Conor Clyne and Bald are good buddies. Bald has appeared in some of Conor’s YouTube videos as well as left comments on his videos promoting Conor. Conor has done the same for Bald. These two have the same scam at the end of the day, selling pickup artist techniques that are freely available and widely despised. I won’t bash PUA (pick up artists) or the techniques, they do work to some extent, however this guy takes it to an extreme. So extreme in fact that Bald has been blacklisted for his unethical behaviors and banned from multiple countries, even arrested for harassing women. Bald has admitted to being blacklisted by PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and other payment processors, as well as had his website host kick him off. Even Uber kicked him off their platform. Bald is nothing more than a sexual predator. Given what I am about to reveal, it’s no wonder Bald and Conor are good friends.

One thing you will notice is that Conor never mentions Kyiv in any of videos or promotional materials. There is a reason for that. Conor is persona non grata (not welcome) in Kyiv and easily recognized. Conor has had more than his fair share of run ins with officers of the law in Kyiv for harassing women, and so he avoids Kyiv. He also avoids Kyiv as a cost saving measure because his scam would cost him a lot more to run on guys in Kyiv than it would anywhere else. You see, all of the women in Conor’s videos, and all of the women Conor promises his in person clients will meet, are actually paid actors. The average income in Kyiv is $630/mo, whereas it can be lower than $200/mo in some of the smaller villages and poorer cities. These are extremely poor and sometimes desperate people living in these smaller cities and villages, and a few hundred dollars goes a long way. Conor’s scam is to pay women to pretend to like his clients. That’s right, for only $10,000 or more you can use the secret Slavic dating techniques, that you learned from Conor by paying him $2,997, on women paid to pretend to like you. What a great deal!

The Truth About Conor Clyne

Here’s the bombshell about Conor Clyne I promised. When I heard this, everything made sense. Why would a guy pay $10,000, $20,000, or even $100,000 USD to come meet with Conor Clyne, other than being a complete idiot? What could possibly justify these prices? Here’s your answer. Conor promises you’ll meet the women of your dreams, but what if that woman of your dreams was something really hard to find without getting into trouble with the law? That’s right, Conor Clyne is actually selling child prostitutes for these prices. This is also why his in person trips to Ukraine are advertised in smaller cities, where it’s easier for him to find this sort of thing and avoid the law. You read me correctly, Conor Clyne’s main business is in child sex prostitution. This is what I learned from my source. Now let me tell you how he discovered it himself.

My source was traveling with a friend to a small village in Ukraine for a business trip. In small villages foreigners attract a lot of attention and there are not very many places to eat or shop. Foreigners spending any amount of time in a small village are bound to hear about each other from locals gossiping, or randomly run into each other while out and about. My source had seen Conon Clyne before in other cities and was very aware of who he was and him and Conor have spoken before at length. For allowing me to publish this, my source had a request that I include the fact, not mentioned online anywhere as Conor tries to hide this, that Conor Clyne is Jewish. In fact, he is the most stereotypical Jew in all regards, from not tipping at restaurants to, of course, scamming people out of their hard earned money. This is also part of the reason why he has also changed his name and hides his identity. Maybe this helps explain why Conor actually left his high paying career as a lawyer to move to Ukraine, some online searches for his real name (I’m not going to publish it currently until my lawyer assures me it is legal to do so), reveal some troubles he had with the law in his past life.

My source and his friend witnessed Conor Clyne and his client escorting what appeared to be a girl no older than age 13 into the place they were staying. The client was seen touching the girl in a sexual manner. The way my source tells it, as he was watching Conor and his client take the girl inside, Conor and my source’s eyes locked, and Conor became agitated and fearful. After all, he had just been caught in the act. My source says he always suspected what Conor had been doing with his clients, but this confirmed it for him. I asked my source why he didn’t contact the police, and he said it was highly unlikely the police would do anything. The reality of the situation is that most likely Conor paid the girl’s parents for access to her, if not the girl herself, and that no one involved would talk to the police. Any investigation would go no where, so why involve himself. I guess that’s the reality of the situation here, where predators like Conor Clyne can get away with things like this, and charge his clients for The Tsar Experience.