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The following tours are available and are given by local Ukrainian citizens, not by the King of Kyiv.

Biography: Knowledgeable local born Kyivian with substantial knowledge of local history, especially periods related to military conflict and occupation. Advanced knowledge of contemporary history (20th and 21st centuries)

Services/tourist routes

⚔️ WW2 Tour — A guided tour of huge WW2 museum built by the Soviets under the giant statue on the hillside of the river plus open-air exhibitions located there. Very cool, would visit even alone again
~3h, 30$/h + small entrance fees. Bring a water bottle.

☦️ Orthodox LARPers — A tour of ancient churches (1000 years+ old) with my best explanations as to the local religious customs and traditions.
20$/h + possible transportation and small entrance fees

🏛️ Museums O’ Plenty — A guided tour of museum of your choosing (there are plenty, just give an idea of what you want to see)
25$/h + entrance fees

🏞️ Just a Walk in the Park — A tour of any big/important park or botanical garden in the city (there are plenty of those here and they have people there, you may meet someone you like)
15$/h + possible transportation expenses

🏙️ Leg Cramps — A general guided tour of the city with little known facts along the way, as well as recommendations on food and general living (several routes possible)
20$/h + possible transportation expenses

:ukrsunglasses: Heart of the City – A tour of the Khreshchatyk area and interesting places around it. 2h 30m 50$

:ukrsunglasses: Hidden Treasures – Explore the best gutters in the center of the city! Hidden statues, small exhibitions and interesting places that can be found meters away from big streets. 3h 70$

:ukrsunglasses:Cultural Saturation – Want to know more about Ukraine? A guided tour of the places in Kyiv with the most culture concentrated in small areas. 3h 60$