Thoughts on Hungary

Hello everyone.

Life has changed drastically in the past 3 months. Everyone in the world is either living under a rock or knows what is happening in Ukraine. I ended up staying in Kyiv about a week then pretty much randomly yoloing over to Hungary to wait and see what would happen. It was quite an adventure to get here, but this article is about my thoughts on Hungary as a destination for the guys out there wondering about Hungary, specifically Budapest, as a destination to find what they are seeking.

My advice, unless you are above average looks, skip Budapest and look elsewhere. If you are a Chad, you’ll do fine of course. But if you are below average on looks, wealth, or personality, don’t bother with Budapest. Hungary is in the EU, in the Schengen visa-free travel zone, and extremely cheap. This causes it to be a EU travel, tourism, and party destination. If you like to party it’s amazing, but if you are looking for something more based or long term this is not the place to search.

According to statistics available online, Hungary may be as high as 2/3rd Catholic with traditional values. But what these statistics don’t cover is the declining importance of religion and traditional values in younger people. A client and now friend of mine even went as far as to survey people on the street with 3 questions to see just how bad things were. They were really bad.

Less than 40% of hot under 30 women asked (because why ask anyone else) were from Hungary, the rest being tourists. This alone wouldn’t be so bad, but then we found that only 37% were Christian of any type. The union of the two, both from Hungary and religious was together so low that at best one in five women we talked to while walking around was anything less than a typical modern whore.

The conclusions, in Budapest, your odds of even finding a few women to talk to who aren’t typical women ruined by liberal globohomo Jewish Western values is so low as to almost not be worth your time. Giga Chads are, of course, welcome to apply.

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