/pol/ vs Reddit Cucks

I met a guy from Reddit who has been staying in Kyiv as an expat for 6 years. Since he was from Reddit I already know he is likely to be a cuck, and reddit did not disappoint. He invited along his Canadian “businessman” friend as well. I also invited Henners who I met from the Couchsurfing Telegram channel for Kyiv and met him for the first time. Henners and I were trolling the Couchsurfing telegram group chat and knew we had found each other being based in the middle of cucked chat. So it’s the 4 of us all having a good time, drinking, and hiding our power level when the legendary Jeff walks in fresh off the plane from America, back for his second visit to Ukraine. It didn’t take long but eventually I dropped the n word and this pissed off the Canadian redditor. He got super offended of course.

Jeff, being unaware of the situation and simply being the legend that is Jeff, reveals his power level immediately in talking to the Canadian. I simply watched as Jeff talked and the Canadian got more and more offended. Eventually the Canadian and his friend walked out on us, calling all of us sex tourists (as if he wasn’t the biggest one at the table). The Canadian left behind a nearly untouched beer, which I eventually claimed as the spoils of war against the redditors. A few more friends showed up including Nate and his girlfriend. Eventually I went and hit on a group of three girls as I typically do, and ended up getting Jeff and Henners at seat at their table to talk to the girls.

I left them with the girls and noticed two English speakers at the bar and so I introduced myself. Turns out they were British and literally glow-in-the-dark-CIA niggers. I had found glowies! They even showed me their ID cards. They had come to Kyiv basically to spy, probably on me. They admitted they had been eavesdropping in on our conversation. I ended up inviting them to join our table. We decided to leave shortly after, but not before I got given one delicious glowing sausage by the feds. Luckily it was not poisoned.

On the way out of the bar to go home there’s a pretty girl about to walk by so I tell the group someone needs to try to talk to her. Everyone is pretty drunk and no one is willing to do it. So I decided fuck it and I hit on her. I realized my phone was dead, so I gave her my Telegram and promptly forgot about her, until the morning, when she messaged me. We’ll see what comes of that…

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