Michel The Indian Ukrainian Scammer (Yet Another Scamming Woman)

I met Michel while out with some friends outside of Copper Pub on Maidan at night as we were all leaving to go home. She was just randomly walking by and as I typically do when I see a pretty girl I try to talk to them. The original meeting was quick and went well and we exchanged contact information. She sent me a message in the morning and we arranged a coffee date. Unfortunately I had to cancel our first planned meeting, but we rescheduled and a week later went on our first date. This was a great sign that she kept in contact and followed through with going on a date, as usually women here will randomly disappear on you without any reason. I hate to say it’s a red flag, but scamming women act the same and will keep in contact with you frequently as well, and this turns out to be the case.

Right away I knew something was wrong. We had scheduled our date for 5pm at Aroma Kava Special on Maidan. I had confirmed our date at 4:35pm and she replied she would be there. When I still hadn’t heard from her by 5:15pm I started to suspect I was getting ghosted and I saw she wasn’t reading my messages either. I decided to make the best of the situation and nice warmer weather and stood outside Aroma Kava for a while and talked to a few people in passing. I took a photo as the King with some Chinese tourists and make a few passes at some random girls, but all claimed they didn’t speak any English which is common for them to do when they just don’t want to talk to you.

Around 5:25pm I got a message of her that she was still coming and would be there in 10 minutes. By then I had basically given up on her showing up and started to make alternative plans with a friend of mine who was nearby to go get dinner and drinks. I didn’t even get a sorry or excuse as to why she was so late, so I wasn’t impressed. I headed inside to wait some more, and she finally showed up at 5:47pm, over 45 minutes late. It was at this moment he knew, he fucked up. The woman who showed up was not at all who I was expecting. You see, it was dark when I met her, and I was also fairly drunk, so I had forgotten her face. She was of Indian descent, full Indian descent, dot Indian, not feather Indian. I’m sure if I had licked her she would have tasted like curry. Her parents had immigrated to Ukraine before she was born and thus how I found myself on a date with probably the only full ethnically Indian but born in Kyiv Ukrainian woman.

I did not expect the date to go well, but she also admitted she had forgotten my face in the dark, so we were on equal ground there. I quickly had her laughing and we were getting along really well. She explained how she was very traditional and I was liking what I was hearing. I was faced with a dilemma. I became the sweating towel guy meme. On one hand I really liked her and we had many common interests, but on the other hand she was a currynigger. The date ended up going longer than it should have and I walked her home, which happened to be less than a block from where I lived. This was the first red flag, as we walked past my place to get to hers, but she insisted that I didn’t walk her all the way home and left me at my corner.

Indians have a tradition of sending good morning messages to everyone they know, so much so that it has broken the internet before. She was no exception and I got some great good morning messages and pictures. For our second date she came over to my place where my good friend Jeff and I were hanging out. She really wanted to meet my cat, Adolf Kitler, who is pure white with a little black mustache on his forehead. We had planned for 2pm, and in her now established fashion she was fairly unresponsive and didn’t show up until after 4pm. At this point I had basically given up on her for her total disregard for other people’s time, but the three of us proceeded to have a good enough time hanging out until we went to a nearby Chinese restaurant. The food was excellent, but she was constantly on her phone, which is another huge problem with Ukrainian women. They are almost all completely addicted to their phones constantly and brazenly rude about it frequently. This is another red flag to be aware of on your dates, if she’s on her phone a lot, she’s probably just pretending to be interested in you for a free meal or whatever other scam she is trying to run on you.

My friend mentioned he was going to head home and politely offered us to come over, a perfect wing man move for me to continue the date on our own or give me an excuse to end it there. However, to both our surprise, she immediately said okay let’s go before I could say anything and we ended up walking through poor cold weather all the way to Jeff’s place. We weren’t there even 5 minutes before she “got a call” and jumped up and went into another room in a hurry. We didn’t hear any conversation, which we would have if it had been a real call. She came back after a while in a sour mood but kept saying everything was okay. Clearly everything was not okay. We left Jeff’s place and walked to Bochka Pub where she stewed in silence while I Jeff and I had a beer since she was now ignoring direct questions and playing on her phone. At this point I had basically stopped caring about how it went with her as the girl I met on the first date was not the same girl I was seeing on this date. As I have said before, they always put their best face forward on the first date.

I got us out of there quickly and figured I would try to find out what was bothering her. Here’s where she hit me with the scam. She switched back to her happy self and held my hand as we walked home, but proceeded to tell me how the person who had called was the dean of her college and told her that she could not sit her exams in two days unless she paid 5,000 uah tomorrow. Let me tell you, I know universities here and this story is complete bullshit, from the call, to the urgency of the payment, to the amount, all 3 were clearly, to me, a fabricated sob story. We walked back to my place and I sat down to hear her out a little more just to get the full story, but I told her flat out no, I wasn’t comfortable with doing this. She was clearly disappointed and flipped right back to being upset, pissy, and very short with me. She stayed no more than 5 minutes before she left and refused my offer to walk her out of my own door, instead grabbing her things and seeing herself out.

5,000 uah might not seem like much ($170 at time of writing), but this girl told me she earns 12,000 uah a month, and that she would pay me back in 6 days. First off, never give any woman asking for money the money, no matter what the sob story. It was also highly offensive to even be asked, especially on the second date. Of course, the next day the good morning messages stopped, and I noticed my WhatsApp messages weren’t getting delivered, I had been blocked. I still had her on Telegram so I decided to play stupid to see what she would say. After all, she had invested two dates in trying to scam me and only got a free meal out of it, and I wanted to see what she would say. I’m glad I messaged her because she took the bait and she went off like an absolute cunt, then deleted the messages and blocked me, but not before I took screenshots of them.

First she asked if I was ashamed at what I did by not giving her the money. Then she told me to please not be dramatic. Then she hit me with the good stuff. She said “I refuse to be with anyone who refuses to trust me and rescue me when I am in trouble. It’s not like I asked you to take me shopping. I’m glad I have seen how selfish you really are.” Actually I’m sure I would have been funding a shopping trip with that 5,000 uah, and of course she is projecting and accusing me of everything she is guilty of. She wants cold hard cash now or else she turns into a mega cunt. She continues “I regret every moment I spent with you… because you don’t deserve me.” And yet more bitch statements, “I wanna stay single until I find someone who is not selfish and self centered like you!”. All because I didn’t fall for her 5,000 uah scam she turns into a complete toxic bitch. Guys, you got to be careful when dating in Ukraine and screen out this type of woman early.

Frankly, I have to give her credit, she’s in her last year of studying to become a pharmacist, so she’s not stupid, she knew exactly how to play the scam game and play it well for a potential pay off of half a month’s salary. She also was a bigger girl and very self conscious of her weight, and frankly most guys here wouldn’t give her a first look. She didn’t always use to be a big girl, but clearly she’s always been a huge entitled bitch. I’m going to publish her contact information so that if anyone wants to let her know this post exists they may, or if you’re interested in slightly overweight cunt that smell of curry you can send her a message.

Telegram: Psycho_Aries11
WhatsApp: +380 66 346 89 43

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