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UPDATE March 20th 2022: I do not advise travel to Ukraine at this time.

First, let me tell you the truth about meeting legitimate single local women in Ukraine. It’s easy! However, it might not be so easy for you to do on your own. There are different cultural customs here that you need to know in order to be successful in meeting a quality woman. There are also a ton of predatory professional dating scammer women out there specifically targeting foreign men, and you need to avoid these women or you’ll end up scammed out of hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. If you’re on a budget, even falling for these scamming women once can really put a dent in your wallet and possibly ruin your trip. I’m going to cover three things in this article. First, how to maximize your own potential so you have the best chances of success with the women you meet. Second, the basics of how to avoid the professional scamming women. Finally, how to actually meet these women once you are here.

Maximize Your Own Potential

Ukrainian women are, on average, very concerned with status and presentation, both their own, and yours. Even though Ukraine is a relatively poor country, it is not uncommon to see women sporting designer clothes, dressed up, with hair and nails professionally done. In order to maximize your chances with women here I advise waiting until you are here and evaluate your clothes. You’ll want bring your best clothes, but also once here, observe what the locals wear then take a trip to the mall and buy a few things to update your clothing to fit in locally. You will also want to present your best face every day, so bring or buy here razors and skin care products. You’ll want to get a haircut or touch up here as well with a local barber. If you’ve never had a manicure or pedicure before you’ll want to get both here as well. The key point is that you want to present your best self while out meeting women in order to maximize your chances and get more dates. If you go out looking like a bum then don’t expect the best results.

The next most important thing that will help you in meeting local Ukrainian women is learning some Ukrainian or Russian language. Personally, I suggest Ukrainian, because locals will respect you much more for having made an attempt at learning Ukrainian rather than Russian. You will also be leagues above the other foreigners who come to Ukraine who never bother to learn a single word of Ukrainian and expect everyone to speak English. Don’t expect to hold a conversation in Ukrainian, but being able to say hello and other pleasantries, order food and drinks, and get the check when going out will go a long way here in Ukraine. Online resources will only go so far in teaching you a little bit of Ukrainian but will give you a start. I personally suggest my own teacher Ira, who will customize for you lessons in Ukrainian to match your goals. Within 2-3 lessons you’ll know how to read and enough useful phrases that people may even assume you are Ukrainian at first! To arrange lessons with Ira by zoom or in person please Contact Us.

Since most of my clients are Americans, and typically Americas are overweight and concerned about it so I need to address this issue. Let me say it as clearly as I can. It does not matter! Actually, it does matter, because being overweight in Ukraine is a positive thing. Yes, you read that correctly, being fat in Ukraine is going to help your success with women here. I will explain. Ukraine is a post-soviet country, and historically, and somewhat even today, the only people who were fat were the people who could afford to be fat. Being fat was a sign of wealth and success. So don’t worry if you are overweight, because this is actually going to boost your attractiveness score to women here. If you don’t believe me, go look at my Instagram @kingsofkyiv if you have not already. This may sound almost unbelievable, and personally I did not believe it until I had been told this many times by other guys here, but it’s correct.

Avoiding Professional Scam Dating

The creativity of the professional dating women here never ceases to amazing me, but let me first cover what I mean by professional dating scammers. These are women who make a living off going on dates with foreign men. There is an entire underground industry here dedicated to exploiting foreign men who come to Ukraine looking to meet women. There are eight general types of scams here to avoid and I will list them in increasing order of danger an how much they will impact your wallet. And before you think you can avoid these on your own by splitting the bill let me tell you, women do not pay for themselves on dates in Ukraine. You’ll be laughed at and walked out on if you attempt this, or if you mention it before going out you’ll be blocked and ghosted.

The first scam to try to avoid is nearly unavoidable, women who I call freeloaders. This happens worldwide and has probably happened to you even back in America. These are women who will accept a date just to get a free meal or free drinks, they don’t really have any interest in you. According to two American studies, between 23 and 33 percent of women surveyed admitting to having gone on dates before just for free food. Here in Ukraine it’s certainly even higher. Always keep this in the back of your mind when dating women in Ukraine that she may just be out for a free lunch. If she’s not showing genuine interest in you, always on her phone, or doesn’t seem to care about you, be ready to walk away.

The second scam builds on the first one, except she’s going to lead you on. She will pretend she is interested in you. You will think the date is going really well, right up until one of two things happens. I call this one the “sick grandmother” scam. She will start telling you about reasons she really need money and why you should give it to her. It may even seem small, 200uah (approx $8), or 500uah (approx $20). She may ask for money for a taxi. No real self-respecting woman is going to do this, so you are being scammed. Don’t give it to her, and delete her from your contacts. The other thing that can happen is she will flat out proposition you to pay her for sex. I’ll leave it up to you to decide what to do at that point.

The third scam which you will never know is happening is what I call the “10%” scam. Many restaurants offer between 10% and 40% for bringing people to them. The higher the percent, the more the place charges. On the low end at 10%, places like Happy Grill Bar will give anyone who asks for it a referral code or registers a phone number in their system 10% back of the final bill total, deposited the next day into their local bank account. This was a common and accepted method of marketing and driving business to specific places here in Ukraine. However, on the high end, places like Dubai at Arena City will offer 40% to women to bring people there. This is where the professional scamming women make the majority of their money. Their goal is to convince you to go to one of the many places in the city where they will have a referral code or deal where they will collect in cash back 40% of the final bill. The women then quickly drive up a massive bill. Examples I have seen are a 800uah($32) single shrimp on a plate, a 600uah ($24) “whiskey” that contains no alcohol, or a 900uah ($36) for 100 grams of fruit. The woman will order a dozen shrimp, a few fake whiskeys, and 500 grams of fruit. This adds up to a nice $600-800 bill that you’ll never see coming. The restaurant knows exactly what she is doing, this is why they offer the 40% deal, and they know how to handle you who is going to pay that bill. The girl will excuse herself to the bathroom and disappear, and you’ll be brought a huge check shortly after, accompanied by some rough looking bouncers if you even think of trying to not pay. This is a situation you do not want to end up in. I cover what to do if you end up in this situation if you become a client of mine and I will be on call ready to assist you in getting out of it without paying.

Number four continues the theme of a date at a restaurant. Now we get into real fraud territory. In this scam, the girl will have convinced you to go to a specific restaurant, and she will have a deal with a specific waiter to overcharge your order. You may order 200 grams of ribs for 149 uah per 100 grams, but when the final bill comes, you many get charged for 1200 grams of ribs, or instead you may get charged 499 uah for 100 grams. The waiter and her are working together to overcharge you, and have a deal together later to split the profits. The management of the restaurant may not even be aware that this is happening. So, always carefully check your bill, and at least know what your approximate total for what you order and check that against your bill. The key to avoiding this scam started on your first day in Kyiv when we cover how to read receipts and check what your date is ordering without being impolite.

The fifth scam involves gifts and buying things. Giving women gifts is not uncommon here, but not on a first date. For this scam a woman will ask you to go with her to a store. She may suggest you go to a beach club or pool, but she doesn’t happen to have any swimwear. She’ll walk you to the mall and pick out some swimwear, for which she expects you to pay. Once you do, she’s going to disappear on you shortly thereafter. The scam is that she’s going to return that item back to the store, and the store usually knows this is happening. That specific swimwear or item may have been sold and returned 20 times by now. The variations on this one are really limitless, it could be lingerie she wants with the promise of sex wearing it, or BDSM sex toys, or even just her begging for you to buy her something she really wants. She also may be a thief, using you as a distraction. She will pick out a bunch of things pretending like she is going to pay for them herself, have you pick out things, but really she is intending to steal stuff. They really do get creative here. In all cases, absolutely never agree to go to a store with a woman on a date.

Number six is dating agencies. A dating agency is a website or company that will list a bunch of girls profiles, like a dating website, and charge you per message or per contact to meet women. This one is a personal pet peeve of mine, because these agencies are all complete scams and give Ukraine a terrible reputation. The number one scammer here in Ukraine in this area is the famous Conor Clyne with this website If you haven’t heard about Conor Clyne, please, go check out my article on Conor Clyne. There is an entire industry of websites and in person agencies who promise you to pay to meet and date women in Ukraine, and all of them are scams. There used to be exactly one legitimate dating agency in Ukraine, but the owner closed up shop when he met his wife after 7 years in business. Any girl you meet is solely meeting you for a cut of the money you pay the agency for the contact. She will also likely try to scam you using some of the prior listed methods. The thing to do to avoid this scam is simple. Don’t interact with dating agencies.

The seventh scam is what I call the “girlfriend experience”, or sugar babies. These are women who make it somewhat clear, you are paying for their time and to act like your girlfriend. You’ll have to give them money to see you, and pay for everything, as well as gifts and going out to nice places. This is a woman who is a professional at giving you the experience of having a real girlfriend, for a price. You can meet these women on websites like Seeking Arrangement. These girls target the most desperate guys, often getting hundreds or thousands of dollars out of them without even meeting them in real life. If you do meet with one of these girls, well, expect to pay for it. Maybe this is what you want out of a relationship, but the guys I know who have done this are always unhappy with it in the end.

Finally, the eighth and most dangerous scam to avoid. Everything may be going well on your date, and she’s coming back to your apartment for the night. It is not unheard of for the girl to drug you, taser you, or otherwise catch you sleeping and rob your place of everything you own. Often times she will have accomplices that she will message to be waiting outside your door, and she will let them inside to beat and rob you. She may also suggest her female friend comes over for a threesome. Even if things are going well, always prepare your own drinks, and watch out in case she touches them. Girls are known to spike your drink with drugs by putting the drug under her fingernail, then dipping it into your drink. In all cases, be careful. You should be looking for warning signs that she is more interested in getting back to your place as soon as possible than continuing the date. The best precaution you can take here is to make sure you met the girl legitimately yourself. You approached her, she did not approach you for your first meeting. Don’t get too drunk and have a backup plan in case. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

How To Meet Women In Ukraine The Right Way

In this section I am going to cover both online dating and the applications that are common in Ukraine and where to meet women in Kyiv by going out. However, this is going to just be a very broad overview as my methods for helping my clients who come to Kyiv are extremely detail oriented and you really need in person coaching to make these methods works successfully for you.

My best advice is to simply delete Tinder and all other online dating website profiles and forget about online dating and go outside. However, Tinder can be a goldmine of both practice dates and practice identifying professional scammer women. It will also be good for practicing your Ukrainian, and text game moving from an introduction to a meet up. About one in 10 women who you match with from Tinder will be real single women looking to date. The rest will be prostitutes, professional scammers, thieves, drug addicts, or ask you for money before meeting you. If you are coming to Ukraine alone without my help, delete Tinder, you are going to get scammed repeatedly. I keep my Tinder profile active solely to engage and meet with these women to see the new creative scams they come up with. I have walked out on girls in the middle of them ordering hundreds of dollars of food, had drinks thrown on me for calling them out as scammers, and even made friends with some who told me the insider secrets of what they do and how much they make.

Both Telegram and Instagram are extremely popular in Ukraine. Regular SMS text messaging basically does not exist except for automated messages from businesses. WhatsApp and Viber are also useful to have installed, though less used. Getting a girl’s number means getting her Telegram or WhatsApp, and this should be taken as a sign she is seriously interested in you. Getting her Instagram is also great. She may just want one more follower to add to her count, but is still certainly a good sign. In any case, you’re going to want to follow up immediately with a message after getting her contact. Once you have it, depending on where you just met her, you should attempt to move to a short date immediately, or agree to make plans later. The goal here is to start filling up your schedule with dates.

I like to say knowing where to meet women is just like fishing. The fish migrate and swim around based around the time of day. Where to go from 1-4pm for the best success is different than where to go from 8-11pm. Different times of day the best places to meet women are at metro stations, on Maidan, on Kreshchatyk Street, at cafes, malls, parks, or at bars. Which metro stations, which cafes, or which bars to go to are what I can help you with here in Ukraine as one of my clients.

Meeting women is purely a numbers game. There are an infinite number of reasons a woman may not be interested in you, and those reasons do not matter at all. Sometimes it’s just the wrong time of day. However my approach to meeting women is mathematical and you will succeed eventually. Let’s discuss the rough formula I have developed to predict your odds of success. The numbers are to illustrate the point here of which factors are going to help you, and how much.

Factor Y – This is you, your objective looks. Are you a 8/10 guy or just a average 5/10 guy? Add a +1 if you are overweight (yes, overweight helps). Add +2 if you are American. Add +1 if you are European. Add +1 if you look like the locals. Add +1 if you are looking your best that day. Add +1 if you are under 55, or +2 if you are under 35. A few factors can give you a minus here but I won’t cover them but they are rare. This means a typical 5/10 overweight average looking American 34 year old guy is a 12/10 here in Ukraine. Yes, this isn’t wrong. This hypothetical guy will be so attractive to the women here in Ukraine that he will be getting hit on and talked to by local women. How do I know? I used my own description. So for this number I use 12/10, or 1.2.

Factor B – This is your bank, and your budget. Take your monthly budget for Kyiv and divide it by $1000. This is your number to use for factor B. For the purposes of this example we’ll assume a factor B or 3, or $3000/mo as a budget in Kyiv.

Factor S – This is your social skills. Simply rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 on how good your social skills with women are. Now subtract two, because you don’t know Ukrainian language and customs, yet. For this example we’ll assume just an average guy at 5/10 social skills, so he’s really a 3/10 here. Double the final number. If you are below .1 or in the negatives, use .1 instead. So we have 0.6 for Factor S.

Here’s the basic formula: (Factor Y) x (Factor B) x (Factor S) = Your X Factor.  For this example we have (1.2) x (3) x (.6) = 2.16

Let’s turn your X factor into something understandable. Take 100 and divide by your X Factor. This is the number of women on average you are going to have to talk to before you succeed. For our example we get about 46 women. Now let’s look at a couple of different guys are compare them.

First, we have what I call the “Giga Chad”. He’s got a Y Factor of 15/10 and willing to spend $5000 a month here in Kyiv, so a B Factor of 5. He’s also a real ladies man, never had an issue, but here he’s only a 8/10 because he doesn’t know Ukrainian. (1.5) x (5) x (1.6). He has an X Factor of 12. On average he might need to talk to 8 or 9 women before he succeeds. Of course that’s the case, he’s a good looking, rich by local standards, social guy good with women.

Next let’s look what I call the “Incel”. He’s normally a 2/10 in looks, American, overweight, 37, doesn’t look like the locals here, but he gets a total of +4 for a Y Factor of 6/10. His B Factor is only 1 because he’s on a tight budget. His social skills are non-existent, so we use .1 for his S Factor. (.6) x (1) x (.1). His X Factor is .06. On average he might need to talk to 1,667 women before he succeeds. This is also reasonable, he might find one rare girl to love him, but he’s ugly, broke, and totally socially inept.

These are the two extremes, and everyone falls in between there somewhere. The main points here I hope you have taken away is that your looks matter the least, but do contribute to your success. Your social skills matter a lot, and if you simply can’t talk to women at a normal level, you’ll likely not ever succeed. The biggest factor here in Kyiv that contributes to your success is your budget. With enough money you can buy anything you want, and we all know this is true across the world.

Now let’s go back to the first guy we used in our example who needs to talk to 47 women before succeeding, we will call him “Average Joe” and compare him to the “Giga Chad”. If the “Average Joe” talks to 47 women, he’ll succeed by then, whereas the “Giga Chad”, if he had talked to those same 47 women, might succeed with about 5 of them. And this is why dating simply comes down to a numbers game. Meeting women is extremely easy here in Kyiv. It’s no problem to approach and talk to 30 women in less than an hour here, they are everywhere! Most will not speak any English, but you don’t know that until you approach them.

Here is where I can help you meet women and avoid scams. Let’s be honest, if you were successful with women back home you would not have read this far. So you probably need help working on your social game. I really do enjoy helping guys who come to Kyiv meet local women and avoid the scams. But first, let me cover what I do not do. I do not provide a dating service or prostitutes. For that I can give you a phone number to call and you are on your own there. If you want to be responsible for your own success and improve yourself, then I can help you. We’ll go to the best places to meet women together and I’ll coach you on what to say and what to do to make a connection and get her out on a real date. Within a few sessions you’ll be looking your best, dressing your best, learning Ukrainian, and meeting beautiful women every day, that you approached and got them to go on a date with you. We’ll build your confidence and it will lead to real lasting changes in your life which will help you succeed in the future. What are you waiting for? Contact Me today.