About Me

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and how I ended up moving to Ukraine, which turned out to be the best decision of my life. I grew up in Florida and went to college in Iowa where I had extended family. When I was 18 years old I bought a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house and learned the hard way that I was much more content with living life as a minimalist. At 21 years old I sold my house and downsized. Eventually I met a nice typical American girl, a rare find these days, and we moved in together. Life was good, but as the years went by I grew discontent with the state of America. The same problems I saw happening in Florida as I grew up eventually came to Iowa as well. Crime rates kept going up, schools were increasingly dysfunctional, demographics were becoming a problem, and politics created a large divide among everyone in the country. Then Covid-19 happened and we were all promised that life would soon go back to normal and to accept the temporary restrictions, which have now become the new normal.

While living in my last apartment building, due to city and state policies, the demographics changed from all college students, average white couples, and some nice elderly people, into a complete ghetto. Rap music shook the walls all hours of the day, drug deals would happen in the parking lot, and the black thug living in apartment above me would beat his girlfriend at least twice a week. He was eventually arrested for beating and nearly killing her child, and of course, due to new liberal policies, was released the next day only to move right back in with her. I couldn’t order Amazon packages anymore, thieves would follow the deliveries and steal all the packages, including my cat food. I had to have packages ordered to a friend’s house and go pick them up. Our clothes would be stolen from the washing machines. A break-in robbery happened down the hallway. I came home one day to a damaged door, a failed break in. I lost count of the number of times I would be sitting at home, only to have someone try to open my door to see if it was unlocked. The list goes on.

My girlfriend had traveled Europe before and we had talked about getting married and having kids. I was against both, but only because of America divorce laws and how the courts always favor women. If I had kids I would have had to home school them, given the absurd things like Common Core and Critical Race Theory that are being taught these days in our public schools. I was open to doing both, but not in America. This idea had been in the back of my mind for a while, maybe I should seriously consider leaving America.

One evening I decided I had had enough. I googled the whitest country on Earth, which happened to be Ukraine which is 98% white. I looked up the capital of Ukraine, which is Kyiv, pulled out my credit card, and bought a one-way flight 3 weeks away. I knew nothing about Ukraine at the time I bought my flight. Only then did I decide I should start doing some research on the place I was about to go. I joined a few Ukrainian social communities online and met Artemi, who answered a bunch of questions I had. By the time I got on my flight I knew two people in Kyiv and had plans to meet them shortly after arriving. Both are now great friends of mine. My girlfriend and I made plans, I would go first, get established, and she would come after me. I sold or gave away everything except what I planned to take with me. I only took with me 4 shirts, 4 shorts, 2 pairs of socks, a hoodie, sandals, laptop, wallet, and passport in my backpack.

I landed at Boryspil airport and took an Uber to my hotel on Maidan (Independence Square) in the center of Kyiv. Getting out of my Uber and walking across Maidan was an almost spiritual experience, and I couldn’t believe I had done it. I had just made a huge yolo (you only live once). I was stunned by the beauty of Kyiv, both Maidan itself, which I had known had a revolution happen on in 2014, and by the women. There were at least 50 girls I saw on my walk to the hotel Kozatskiy, all of them would be 10/10 in America, literally models. This was shocking and it still is, compared to the women in America.

On my second day in Kyiv I was walking on Kreshchatyk street with a friend heading to a bar he had suggested, and as we walked by this beautiful girl I said to her, “Hello, do you speak any English?”. She said she spoke a little English. I asked if she wanted to go to the bar with us and she said yes. We had a great time for a few hours, but I still had my girlfriend back in America, so I didn’t message her. On day 5 my girlfriend called me and told me she wasn’t coming and that we were breaking up. At the time it was heartbreaking, and it took a while to get over, but in the end it was the best thing to happen to me. Eventually I called the girl I had met and we started dating.

Within my first week of being in Kyiv, a guy found me and messaged me and joined a group chat I had made with my local friends which I had created for asking questions about Kyiv and figuring out how to get things done here. His name is Jeff. He saw what I had accomplished in such a short amount of time and he booked a one way ticket immediately. Jeff became my first client and quickly a good friend. Eventually my story started to spread among my American friends, and other internet and gaming friends, and I found myself getting asked about coming to Ukraine often. I knew what had to be done, I started King of Kyiv, and began helping other people come to Ukraine.

My personality type is very outgoing and I enjoy meeting new people, going out, and drinking. I quickly did a lot of the usual tourism stuff here with my new friends, and then I decided to start learning Ukrainian. My social network quickly expanded as I sought out advice from other expats and foreigners as well as meeting a ton of locals. These days I’m usually out with my friends or clients, often both together, every day. I always try to do something new, Kyiv is a huge place with a lifetime of interesting things to see and places to go, but the best places in Kyiv always draw me back eventually. Your first two weeks here with me will expose you to things you thought could only exist in your ideal fantasy world.

One thing I really enjoy is helping guys meet women here, the right way, in person, not using online dating apps. Early on I met multiple foreigners who had horror stories about their dating experiences here and getting scammed for hundreds or thousands of dollars by professional dating/scamming women. Others got scammed by dating agencies for thousands. All these guys had one thing in common, they had come to Ukraine to meet beautiful women, but once they got here they were totally blind to the scams and how to meet real genuine local women. These scams can be very hard if not possible to spot for foreigners, and you may not even realize you got scammed after paying the $400 (on the low end) dinner bill. The best compliments I receive are when my guys message me and and tell me how they just avoided a scamming girl because of my advice.

I hope my story has inspired you. I have never been happier in life and I wish the same for you. Feel free to contact me with any specific questions you have. I prefer Discord and Telegram, but you can find all my contact information on the homepage.