Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to visit Ukraine?

If you are from America, the EU, Canada, or Australia, you need a passport, a negative covid-19 PCR test no older than 72 hours before arrival or proof of vaccination, and travel insurance from visitukraine.today for your stay. Then just show up. If you are from another country, contact me and I can help you find what you need to do to travel here.

What do you charge? How do you make money?

I generally do not charge anything. My advice and help is free. I do appreciate beer. However, in special cases, I am available for hire. If you want to pay me money for my help then contact me.

How much money do I need to live in or visit Ukraine?

The average local monthly salary in Kyiv is $630/mo. You can live like a local on $500/mo here or like a rich local on $1,000/mo. Anything more than that and you are a king.

What are the job options for foreigners like in Ukraine?

Your options are to earn online somehow or to teach English here which can pay quite well. It is highly unlikely you will find any other job here that will hire you and even if you did the pay will be terrible.

Can I own guns in Ukraine?

I'm not a lawyer, but my understanding is yes, long barreled guns can be obtained legally with proper permits. Handguns are illegal.

How are the women in Ukraine? Can I get a girlfriend/wife easy?

See my article on how to meet women in Ukraine at kingofkyiv.com/meet-women. Yes, it is easy to get a girlfriend here. It does not matter what you look like at all. You can also look at my Instagram instagram.com/kingsofkyiv/

I want to take the girl I find back to America. Help?

This is possible but it is going to take you a few months and significant effort. Also, why would you abuse your future wife by subjecting her to western conditions and exposure to niggers? Reconsider this plan. If you are dead set on doing this then contact me you will need significant help. Update: 5/20 - Two guys successfully got their Ukrainian girlfriends/future wife into America after the war started.

I want to buy a house or land innawoods, how much does this cost?

You can get a modern style 2 bedroom 2 bathroom house about one hour drive on the edge of Kyiv for 30-40k. You can get similar in other towns for half of that. Property prices in Kyiv depend on the distance to the city center, Maidan (Independence Square). You can get an acre of land in the woods for under $100.

But the war/invasion/I'm a Jewish shill/I'm a pro-Russia shill...

Nothing will happen. Nothing ever happens. This happens every year, but for some reason (((the media))) has decided to push this narrative. Very few locals think anything will happen. Update (2/27/2022): I was wrong as fuck. Oops.

I have questions about sex tourism/prostitution/paying for sex/age of consent etc...

No. Fuck off. Close this website and don't come back. The point of this project is for men who are tried of shitty liberal/feminist/globohomo/NPC women with Western values and are seeking something more traditional and based.