AlexBrown84 aka Solour68, and DRAMA

Hello based readers. I’m here to bring you some fresh drama and drop all the details in this post about the drama that has been happening with AlexBrown84 aka Solour68,, and

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Hey everyone. As many of us know, AlexBrown (Solour68) of shame , started a failed Geomaxxing forum called geomax dot me . What most of you don’t know is the whole drama behind this. You see, long before he had the idea to start a Geomaxxing forum, I registered, took related subreddit names, instagram, TikTok, everything. AlexBrown is a dumb nigger and so he didn’t think to do all this. The idea had occurred to me to expand from Ukraine to additional countries since the Ukraine war had started and many of us were traveling, and our Ukraine server was a great success pre-war for travel and advice, so it was only natural to go worldwide.

A mutual friend suggested that I contact AlexBrown to work together to build a Geomaxxing community and forum. As I already had built our Discord server to some respectable numbers, I decided to have a long talk with AlexBrown about cooperating in creating a Geomaxxing website and forum. I was willing to let him be an administrator and work with him for the betterment of the community. In our talks what I learned was that AlexBrown is basically mentally insane, unstable to say the least, possibly dangerous (he is a nigger after all), and willing to fuck over anyone. Typical nigger shit.

He brought nothing to the table, yet he started talking about wanting 50% legal ownership and his plan to run advertisements on the forum to make it profitable, before it even existed, from day 1. Anyone who knows me knows that the few dollars advertisements might make are trivial, and I did not agree with him to run advertisements. I’ll always pay our hosting and server costs out of pocket, no problem. It was also clear to me he thought advertisements pay big dollars, not micro-cents, with this made up figures in the thousands the site would make. Typical nigger shit again.

Acting in good faith, I let AlexBrown into our Discord server. He immediately abused @here and @everyone to advertise his forum, without permission. We leave those enabled as it’s a travel oriented server, so if someone has a emergency, they can get help fast. I told him to knock it off but he could stay. He didn’t, and I had to ban him. In hindsight he was never acting in good faith. In the end, for all his efforts, he gained 0 members for his forum, and made a lot of enemies in the process.

It was AlexBrown, with his nigger brain, that started trying to fuck around first. He added two “spy” Discord accounts to start stealing our content and screenshot our posts. He thought I didn’t know about them, but I did. Niggers always rat on other niggers. I let them sit there for months, but they became of no use to me in the end so I banned them.

AlexBrown then fired another shot at our Geomaxxing community and directly at me. He banned my account from his website and deleted all post history. Then minutes later he registered an account called “kingofkyiv” which was different from my actual username (of course with lower case letters, because the nigger brain can’t do capitalization in the white man’s English), and started posting directly ripped off content from my website, . This was his idea of doing SEO for his forum, using stolen content and identity theft. What his stupid nigger brain fails to realize is that, as he’s American, this is illegal, and I’ll be hitting him with a DMCA take down notice, and should he fail to comply (of course niggers never comply), I’ll let his hosting know and it’s bye bye forum and domain. So when you read this AlexBrown, this is your notice to remove my content now. I will be seeking damages in court.

How will I be seeking damages in court one may wonder? Well AlexBrown doxxed himself enough and pissed off enough people that someone doxxed him. I don’t mind posting this document as basically everyone interested knows about it, and I’m not hosting it. The DMCA allows me to seek monetary damages for copyright infringement, of which I have all the proof saved already, so it’s a slam dunk case. Plus, we’re both Americans, so I have standing to sue him in multiple favorable jurisdictions. It’s going to really suck for him when he has to cut his Geomaxxing trip short to show up in federal court, spending thousands flying back to the USA from where his is currently in Japan. The best part is since my website is a company, I don’t personally have to attend, I’ll pay a 3rd rate lawyer to do so. So either he’ll pay up in a settlement, or lose out bigger having to defend himself in court. I’m also fine if he doesn’t show and I get a default judgement against him. Either way, he pays for his nigger ways.

Let’s put that aside for now and go back to talking about his geomax dot me forum. As of today it has 112 users. Active accounts are really less than 15, and it’s mostly just a personal spam blog for him and failed project. At least 30, if not more, of the account registrations are fakes done by AlexBrown himself to boost the numbers early on. Another 20 or so are accounts myself, or friends, registered, to let all the non-niggers using their forum know about our Discord server. I figured since he did it first himself he would be okay with me doing it back. Of course that wasn’t the case.

Let’s also talk about The 13th Warrior his only other admin on the forum. I have nothing bad to say about this guy except suspicions. We talked at length, and I offered him to come administrate this forum. You see, AlexBrown has zero IT skills, so he needed to con someone into doing it for him, and that would be The 13th Warrior. I feel bad for the guy to have wasted his him building a forum for AlexBrown, and he’s still welcome to join us. After talking for a while he even did agree to leave geomax dot me and come help build this forum once I had set it up. I was hoping for a little more enthusiasm from him, and I began to suspect with all his delays that he was coordinating with AlexBrown to sabotage this project. My suspicions were somewhat confirmed when he lost all interest when I wouldn’t give him any access he didn’t need to my servers. There was no need for such permissions as I am an IT person myself and can do everything he was asking for permission to do. Had I gave him permissions he could have attempted to do some damage. I can’t say for sure he wasn’t being earnest, but, well, he deals with that nigger AlexBrown so I have to assume he’s of the same character. He clearly has no problem with the copyright infringement as I told him about it and he ignored it. I hope their domain isn’t registered in his name, else he’s going to end up a co-defendant in court with AlexBrown. I’ll make an offer, if you do happen to be on the legal domain registration, abandon the project now, delete the website, and I won’t seek damages against you as well. You have until I file my DMCA take down request to do so.

Finally, let’s add some lulz. AlexBrown attempted to copy our Discord community, with a pathetic 10 members, and by the time anyone reads this, I joined it, and DM’d everyone a link to this article. I’ll also be sending this to the community and hopefully they’ll consider taking action against him and giving him the yeet as well. Finally, the rest of my evening will be spent sending this post out to as many people as possible who may know AlexBrown, as well as spending a few dollars on to send a hard copy to all his family’s addresses and individuals otherwise named in his dox.

Finally, just to show I’v done everything possible to work with AlexBrown yet he continues to attack and defame me, I will give AlexBrown 72 hours to take down . The deadline is 2am UTC +3 on October 15th, 2022. I don’t even want an apology, I just want him to understand that when you fuck around with the wrong person, sometimes you find out. I honestly hope he ignores this kind offer so I can proceed with my lawsuit against him.

And as always, fuck niggers.


An Introduction to Geomaxxing

Hello based readers. Since my last post I have been spending some time in Istanbul, Turkey. I miss Ukraine of course but winter is coming and I really don’t want to do another Ukrainian winter again, at least not this year.

I started a new community and project called Geomaxxing. We have a fast growing Discord server you can message me to join and I own with a forum coming soon. Geomaxxing is a relatively new up and coming term to describe the benefits of travel or becoming a long term expat. It is my hope to make more people aware of what Geomaxxing is and why you should do it.

Geomaxxing encompasses many advantages. In this primer I will discuss just some of the main ideas behind Geomaxxing and what it is.

Geomaxxing is fundamentally about traveling abroad in order to live a better life, improve yourself, and seek to attain the goals you have set for yourself. By traveling to another country many of these things become much easier, even automatic, as you begin your journey in a foreign land.

The geomaxxing community consists of all kinds of people, but the common thread between us all is that we are seeking something which is hard or impossible to find in our home countries. I find that many if not most of us have right-leaning political views. We are already being alienated by the lefty libtard globohomo NPC shills that now dominate mainstream society, and while some people double down and start prepping for conflict, or go innawoods, others make the leap and hop on a plane, many times never to return.

Digital nomads have figured this out, as technology had enabled many people to seek out lower cost of living places while maintaining a Western level of income. Others not in the technology field can become English teachers which are always in high demand, or market their other skills to earn overseas, usually along with tax decreasing benefits as well. But Geomaxxing isn’t just about living somewhere where the dollar or euro goes farther, there are many other benefits.

The incel, redpill, and blackpill communities stand to gain a lot from Geomaxxing. As we all know, Western women are ruined. It’s literally over. They used to say there are plenty of fish in the sea. Not anymore. Now the ocean of women consists only of landwhales, mudsharks, and multicolored triggerfish. Gone are the beautiful mermaids, as the Jews done it again and poisoned enough wells that it has leeched into the ground water and poisoned the entire ocean. Any decent looking fish you do happen to rarely find will be so poisoned by the kikes you wouldn’t want to keep it anyways. It is time to move to a different fishing spot.

Overseas, specifically in Eastern Europe (EE) or South East Asia (SEA), the fish are still biting, plentiful, tame, good looking, and want to be caught. Many guys main reason for going overseas is because they can’t get a decent woman back in the West. I find that almost always the problem isn’t the guy, it’s the women. For the average guy in the West, it’s over and his odds of finding a decent life partner are effectively zero. Overseas, there is not only hope, but almost a surety that you will get a girlfriend.

I also want to talk about the quality of living overseas. Having been to Ukraine, Hungary, and Turkey myself, along with many trip reports from friends and lengthy discussions I can say that everyone agrees. The quality and standard of living abroad is higher than it is back home. Each place offers unique benefits, from drinking culture in Ukraine to tea culture in Turkey, that are not to be found back home. Anything you could possibly want is still available overseas. Yes, these places have their problems, but as an expat you often simply won’t experience the problems the locals have, such as low wages, poverty, and corruption. Your dealings with the local government systems is often as minimal as passport control on the way in and out.

Another major benefit of Geomaxxing is the social benefits. Everywhere you go there will be local and expat meetups to join and make new friends. English speaking groups and clubs are common and a great way to meet people as well. You will unavoidably learn the basics of another language and culture along the way. Everywhere I have been so far has been open, friendly, and welcoming of Western expats overall.

I hope this article has nudged you a little closer to hopping on a plane and getting the hell out of the West. As always, my contact information is on this website, feel free to send me a message with any questions you may have.

Travel Whores – Avoid Them

In this post I’m going to cover a type of woman that if you should learn to recognize and avoid, the travel whore. By learning to identify women with this trait and interest early on you will be doing yourself a huge favor because nothing good will ever come from trying to engage with this type of woman.

The travel whore is exactly how it sounds. She’s a slut for traveling. By traveling of course she means some beta bucks provider paying for her travel expenses, lodging, food, etc. There are a ton of men out there desperate enough to pull out their credit card and buy some girl they just met off Tinder a plane ticket to come see them. Sorry guys, but you’re just a walking talking ATM to her. The best case that can happen is that you spend money for her to come see you and she ghosts you, so that you don’t keep tossing yet more money at her in hopes she will actually show up and possibly fuck you. After all, she doesn’t owe you anything, especially sex, and if you think she does then you need to take a step back and realize what you actually want is a prostitute (and I can’t help you with that).

Not all travel whores are so direct. The travel whore can be identified on social media or online dating profiles easily. Often they will display one of their hobbies as traveling, and if you see that, run. If you see pictures of the Eiffel Tower on her profile and she’s not from France she is highly likely a travel whore, because no one sane goes to France. It’s a Muslim occupied shithole, plus even worse than that is that it has French people. If her pictures show more than one iconic touristic place, swipe left, delete, or block her. She’s not interested in you, she’s interested in adding a few more photos to her Instagram while you pay for it.

Another thing to look out for is women who claim to speak more than 2 languages. Sure, there are exceptions depending on her education and where she has lived in the past or grew up, but if you see a woman claiming 3 or more languages, congratulations, you likely found a travel whore. She has spent years of her life traveling around riding the international cock carousel. I would like to say I don’t know why women think traveling around adds anything of value to them as a person, except I do know, it’s because usually women are almost always lacking in any sort of interesting personality or ability to hold an interesting conversation. They think the fact they spent 3 months in Spain while fucking Juan Chaddito is some major accomplishment.

To be clear, I’m not talking about a girl who went with her family one time to Germany and took some pictures and uses those. It becomes easy to identify the travel whore once you know you should be on the look out for them. If her answer to the question, “Do you like to travel?” is yes, and she has been to 3+ countries already, she is probably a travel whore or a travel whore in training. Don’t be the next guy she uses to fund her free vacation.

There is one exception to all of this, and it is that you happen to spot a travel whore in the wild. If you do come across a travel whore while outside in person, don’t be afraid to swing for the fences and go for the gold. If you’re the type of guy who is into one night stands then this type of woman is your ticket to ride. Just don’t think that you stand any chance of having a relationship with this type of woman, once she gets on that plane you’ll never hear from her again.


Ukrainian Men – Avoid Them At ALL Costs

One of the first bits of advice given to me by long term expats living in Ukraine, and they really stressed this, was to avoid interacting with Ukrainian men at all costs. At the time I really took offense to this idea and thought to myself they must simply be jaded by bad interactions. However, after all my time living in Ukraine, making local Ukrainian male friends, escaping the war in Ukraine, volunteering in Lviv, and hosting a Ukrainian refugee in my own apartment in Hungary, I can say without any doubt they were right all along.

I will explain why. In many of my other articles I explain how most Ukrainian women are first and foremost thinking about money. How much money can she extract from a foreigner, in both the short term and the long term. I believe this to be a common trait among many poorer societies, but it is especially bad in Ukraine. I have come to find out that even some of the Ukrainian guys are willing to play the same manipulative game. Even if I give these guys the entire benefit of the doubt, that they individually had no intent from the start to try to use friendship as a guise to get money or other monetary benefits, the problem remains. The Ukrainian culture both between the locals and especially against foreigners is to secure the bag and get that bread.

Now, I have to say, I still know some amazing Ukrainian guys who do not fall into this catergory and if they are reading this, they know who they are. But for the others, some of the details I will share are going to hit home. I also have to note that the war is clearly mentally getting to the locals and making life miserable overall, so some of this could be a stress response, and some of it a survival response. Sadly it just became all too common that once I wasn’t in Ukraine buying food, drinks, and partying most days, the guys dropped out of communication as friends, and only would message with vague pretexts to then ask for money.

I don’t mind at all grabbing the check when I invite locals out to get to know them and their life stories. The college aged students I met (hey guys!) were awesome and fun. My first 3 guys I ever met in Ukraine are also all great people and I wish I got to see them more. My next door neighbor was a legend. But over time eventually, for too many of the Ukrainian guys I met, the asks for money started and no matter what I did they would be back in a week to ask for more.

I raised over $5,000 with my GoGetFunding fundraiser when many of us expats were trapped in Ukraine. Luckily it was enough to get us out of there, but of course not enough for plane tickets back to the USA. It was not a fundraiser for local Ukrainians, but we did agree to use some of what remained to give to locals we knew who were in need. I’m sure it helped some people, but for others, the money we gave them opened the door to the perpetual ask for more.

The worst example was when a guy who I had known for most of my time in Ukraine asked me for money to go on a date. I had already given money to him atleast twice, if not three times, with a total value of over $80. By then the fundraising money was gone, so this was purely a gift coming out of my own pocket. I couldn’t believe that was the reason he was asking me for money, but I did appreciate his honestly. I said no to his request.

It took about two weeks for him to yet again ask for money. I have to give him credit, he’s a smart guy, so he really put on a good show of wanting to have a conversation and only use the conversation as an indirect ask for money. We talked for a while and it became clear to him I wouldn’t be giving him anymore money. I honestly think he’s probably ashamed at what he was doing but because of the war he was willing to sacrifice our friendship for a few dollars. By the end he turned extremely sour at me and politely informed me this would be our last conversation and blocked me. According to his standards I wasn’t a friend. Almost a year I knew him and hung out often. Maybe I should ask for a refund then?

One interesting thing we talked about was cultural differences. What is a friend? What are the expectations? Someone once told me that if you look at everything I do for people in totality then the best job title for me would be “professional friend”. His expectations of what a friend is, according to him, included helping him with his finances, no questions asked, no loans, just give him money. If I take this as representative of Ukraine in general it paints a terrible and sad, but surprisingly accurate picture of Ukrainians in general.

He’s not the only one. I have gotten messages on all the various platforms for requests for money from people I met in Ukraine, and interestingly it was only men who asked! Of course, they are stuck there as the women can leave, but the absolute balls on these guys has been impressive. I know I’m not the only one they asked either. I highly respect everyone who didn’t ask me for a dime or flat our refused to accept money from me when I tried to give it.

Going forward this is going to be a big problem if you decide to visit Ukraine. But this is only a new development in the list of reasons you should avoid interacting with Ukrainian men. It’s just not going to be worth it long term to even attempt to befriend any local Ukrainian guys. Always remember Rule #1 of Ukraine: “Do not talk to Ukrainian men”. Sadly this just adds yet another reason they should be avoided at all costs.

Thoughts on Hungary

Hello everyone.

Life has changed drastically in the past 3 months. Everyone in the world is either living under a rock or knows what is happening in Ukraine. I ended up staying in Kyiv about a week then pretty much randomly yoloing over to Hungary to wait and see what would happen. It was quite an adventure to get here, but this article is about my thoughts on Hungary as a destination for the guys out there wondering about Hungary, specifically Budapest, as a destination to find what they are seeking.

My advice, unless you are above average looks, skip Budapest and look elsewhere. If you are a Chad, you’ll do fine of course. But if you are below average on looks, wealth, or personality, don’t bother with Budapest. Hungary is in the EU, in the Schengen visa-free travel zone, and extremely cheap. This causes it to be a EU travel, tourism, and party destination. If you like to party it’s amazing, but if you are looking for something more based or long term this is not the place to search.

According to statistics available online, Hungary may be as high as 2/3rd Catholic with traditional values. But what these statistics don’t cover is the declining importance of religion and traditional values in younger people. A client and now friend of mine even went as far as to survey people on the street with 3 questions to see just how bad things were. They were really bad.

Less than 40% of hot under 30 women asked (because why ask anyone else) were from Hungary, the rest being tourists. This alone wouldn’t be so bad, but then we found that only 37% were Christian of any type. The union of the two, both from Hungary and religious was together so low that at best one in five women we talked to while walking around was anything less than a typical modern whore.

The conclusions, in Budapest, your odds of even finding a few women to talk to who aren’t typical women ruined by liberal globohomo Jewish Western values is so low as to almost not be worth your time. Giga Chads are, of course, welcome to apply.

Michel The Indian Ukrainian Scammer (Yet Another Scamming Woman)

I met Michel while out with some friends outside of Copper Pub on Maidan at night as we were all leaving to go home. She was just randomly walking by and as I typically do when I see a pretty girl I try to talk to them. The original meeting was quick and went well and we exchanged contact information. She sent me a message in the morning and we arranged a coffee date. Unfortunately I had to cancel our first planned meeting, but we rescheduled and a week later went on our first date. This was a great sign that she kept in contact and followed through with going on a date, as usually women here will randomly disappear on you without any reason. I hate to say it’s a red flag, but scamming women act the same and will keep in contact with you frequently as well, and this turns out to be the case.

Right away I knew something was wrong. We had scheduled our date for 5pm at Aroma Kava Special on Maidan. I had confirmed our date at 4:35pm and she replied she would be there. When I still hadn’t heard from her by 5:15pm I started to suspect I was getting ghosted and I saw she wasn’t reading my messages either. I decided to make the best of the situation and nice warmer weather and stood outside Aroma Kava for a while and talked to a few people in passing. I took a photo as the King with some Chinese tourists and make a few passes at some random girls, but all claimed they didn’t speak any English which is common for them to do when they just don’t want to talk to you.

Around 5:25pm I got a message of her that she was still coming and would be there in 10 minutes. By then I had basically given up on her showing up and started to make alternative plans with a friend of mine who was nearby to go get dinner and drinks. I didn’t even get a sorry or excuse as to why she was so late, so I wasn’t impressed. I headed inside to wait some more, and she finally showed up at 5:47pm, over 45 minutes late. It was at this moment he knew, he fucked up. The woman who showed up was not at all who I was expecting. You see, it was dark when I met her, and I was also fairly drunk, so I had forgotten her face. She was of Indian descent, full Indian descent, dot Indian, not feather Indian. I’m sure if I had licked her she would have tasted like curry. Her parents had immigrated to Ukraine before she was born and thus how I found myself on a date with probably the only full ethnically Indian but born in Kyiv Ukrainian woman.

I did not expect the date to go well, but she also admitted she had forgotten my face in the dark, so we were on equal ground there. I quickly had her laughing and we were getting along really well. She explained how she was very traditional and I was liking what I was hearing. I was faced with a dilemma. I became the sweating towel guy meme. On one hand I really liked her and we had many common interests, but on the other hand she was a currynigger. The date ended up going longer than it should have and I walked her home, which happened to be less than a block from where I lived. This was the first red flag, as we walked past my place to get to hers, but she insisted that I didn’t walk her all the way home and left me at my corner.

Indians have a tradition of sending good morning messages to everyone they know, so much so that it has broken the internet before. She was no exception and I got some great good morning messages and pictures. For our second date she came over to my place where my good friend Jeff and I were hanging out. She really wanted to meet my cat, Adolf Kitler, who is pure white with a little black mustache on his forehead. We had planned for 2pm, and in her now established fashion she was fairly unresponsive and didn’t show up until after 4pm. At this point I had basically given up on her for her total disregard for other people’s time, but the three of us proceeded to have a good enough time hanging out until we went to a nearby Chinese restaurant. The food was excellent, but she was constantly on her phone, which is another huge problem with Ukrainian women. They are almost all completely addicted to their phones constantly and brazenly rude about it frequently. This is another red flag to be aware of on your dates, if she’s on her phone a lot, she’s probably just pretending to be interested in you for a free meal or whatever other scam she is trying to run on you.

My friend mentioned he was going to head home and politely offered us to come over, a perfect wing man move for me to continue the date on our own or give me an excuse to end it there. However, to both our surprise, she immediately said okay let’s go before I could say anything and we ended up walking through poor cold weather all the way to Jeff’s place. We weren’t there even 5 minutes before she “got a call” and jumped up and went into another room in a hurry. We didn’t hear any conversation, which we would have if it had been a real call. She came back after a while in a sour mood but kept saying everything was okay. Clearly everything was not okay. We left Jeff’s place and walked to Bochka Pub where she stewed in silence while I Jeff and I had a beer since she was now ignoring direct questions and playing on her phone. At this point I had basically stopped caring about how it went with her as the girl I met on the first date was not the same girl I was seeing on this date. As I have said before, they always put their best face forward on the first date.

I got us out of there quickly and figured I would try to find out what was bothering her. Here’s where she hit me with the scam. She switched back to her happy self and held my hand as we walked home, but proceeded to tell me how the person who had called was the dean of her college and told her that she could not sit her exams in two days unless she paid 5,000 uah tomorrow. Let me tell you, I know universities here and this story is complete bullshit, from the call, to the urgency of the payment, to the amount, all 3 were clearly, to me, a fabricated sob story. We walked back to my place and I sat down to hear her out a little more just to get the full story, but I told her flat out no, I wasn’t comfortable with doing this. She was clearly disappointed and flipped right back to being upset, pissy, and very short with me. She stayed no more than 5 minutes before she left and refused my offer to walk her out of my own door, instead grabbing her things and seeing herself out.

5,000 uah might not seem like much ($170 at time of writing), but this girl told me she earns 12,000 uah a month, and that she would pay me back in 6 days. First off, never give any woman asking for money the money, no matter what the sob story. It was also highly offensive to even be asked, especially on the second date. Of course, the next day the good morning messages stopped, and I noticed my WhatsApp messages weren’t getting delivered, I had been blocked. I still had her on Telegram so I decided to play stupid to see what she would say. After all, she had invested two dates in trying to scam me and only got a free meal out of it, and I wanted to see what she would say. I’m glad I messaged her because she took the bait and she went off like an absolute cunt, then deleted the messages and blocked me, but not before I took screenshots of them.

First she asked if I was ashamed at what I did by not giving her the money. Then she told me to please not be dramatic. Then she hit me with the good stuff. She said “I refuse to be with anyone who refuses to trust me and rescue me when I am in trouble. It’s not like I asked you to take me shopping. I’m glad I have seen how selfish you really are.” Actually I’m sure I would have been funding a shopping trip with that 5,000 uah, and of course she is projecting and accusing me of everything she is guilty of. She wants cold hard cash now or else she turns into a mega cunt. She continues “I regret every moment I spent with you… because you don’t deserve me.” And yet more bitch statements, “I wanna stay single until I find someone who is not selfish and self centered like you!”. All because I didn’t fall for her 5,000 uah scam she turns into a complete toxic bitch. Guys, you got to be careful when dating in Ukraine and screen out this type of woman early.

Frankly, I have to give her credit, she’s in her last year of studying to become a pharmacist, so she’s not stupid, she knew exactly how to play the scam game and play it well for a potential pay off of half a month’s salary. She also was a bigger girl and very self conscious of her weight, and frankly most guys here wouldn’t give her a first look. She didn’t always use to be a big girl, but clearly she’s always been a huge entitled bitch. I’m going to publish her contact information so that if anyone wants to let her know this post exists they may, or if you’re interested in slightly overweight cunt that smell of curry you can send her a message.

Telegram: Psycho_Aries11
WhatsApp: +380 66 346 89 43

Ukrainian Women Can Be Evil (Or Why You Should Not Date Women Over Age 25)

While Ukrainian women are some of the most attractive in the world, due to the political history of the country and economic conditions, some are the most ruthless, conniving, and truly evil women you will ever have the unfortunate opportunity to meet in your life. I have dated one of these recently for about a month and here’s my report from in the trenches and why you should take my advice even when I don’t myself. How else would I get such great stories to share with you after all?

I met Elena, age 36, (so she claims) at the Couchsurfing foreigner meetup that happens weekly here in Kyiv, Ukraine. I was there to meet a new French guy and show him the place as well as introduce him to some of the expat community. We had a great time of course and it was made even better by the fact that while outside taking a break from the heat inside I had a girl approach me and introduce herself. When I asked her why she approached me she said she wanted to know why I was wearing a crown. Besides just being the King of Kyiv, the crown does tend to attract women as all women love shiny objects. We hit it off rather well, exchanged numbers, and agreed to get tea the next day as Elena did not typically drink alcohol.

We met up the next day and our tea date instead turned into a dinner date at my favorite Georgian restaurant. The date went extremely well and was a very good time. This is how it typically starts of course, they put their best face forward. We then had another date shortly thereafter where she came over and we watched a movie together. She made the first move and ended up sleeping over that night. We quickly fell into a routine of seeing each other almost every day until she started her new job. That’s when things started going downhill, fast.

In this time I learned a few things about Elena that were massive red flags and I would have advised anyone else to immediately run away from. First, she had two kids, but she wasn’t taking care of them, and had instead dumped them onto her parents. Second, she had an ex-husband who she was on bad terms with, however, the more she told me, the more I started to side with the guy from just her version of events. She described to me how she had been for years blocking the sale of his house as they had been married, and thus had gained half ownership over the property. I believe it was even his house from before they were married. He refused to sell the place or buy her out on principle, and she refused to sell the place or buy him out solely to screw him over. Sounds almost like typical western divorce really. She was also in constant contact with a lawyer regarding the issue, and some other issues which she never went into. The biggest red flag though was that she was 36, because while I am 34, because she is 36 it means she grew up through a time in Ukraine of extreme poverty. This has led to many people here developing a survival first, happiness later attitude. Women older than 25 here are often cold, manipulative, aggressive, and will flip on you for the smallest thing.

The first problem we had, that happens to every foreigner in Ukraine who dates a local woman, was a translation issue. I actually made a mistake and forgot an appointment that I had made regarding a language lesson with one of her co-workers. I was supposed to go swimming with Elena at 2pm, but she was handling the reservations and delayed it until 4pm, which also happened to be my language lesson appointment time for a zoom meeting. And frankly, I forgot, but had we not been swimming I would have seen the messages and been able to still make the appointment. This is where things went south. I messaged her co-worker to apologize for missing the meeting and mentioned I had been swimming with Elena, which is why I had not gotten back to her until an hour later. This was my mistake, as the two of them talked, and shortly after Elena was upset claiming I was trying to shift the blame for missing the meeting onto her. This was absolutely not my intent but given language translation issues this is what Elena concluded in her mind I had been trying to do.

As most guys know, once a woman thinks she is right, it’s almost impossible to change her mind. She’s also going to always hold over you anything she can and bring it up for the rest of your life. In both cases this is what Elena proceeded to do. I got to watch as she turned from a nice, caring, funny girl into a mega-cunt. This is when I saw another red flag, while trying to fix the situation she told me that words do not matter, only actions. I think she expected me to open my wallet and buy her gifts for the perceived slight. I drew a line in the sand here and once she said goodbye I also said goodbye. Our relationship ended over this simple language misunderstanding. It’s important to understand how quickly she flipped on me.

I gave her some time to calm down and then patched things up. She picked a Turkish restaurant to go to I had never been before. I ended up being triple charged, twice on my card which they pretended didn’t work, but went through just fine on my end and then eventually by cash. In hindsight it’s very possible she was responsible for and in on this small scam herself even though the bill was only $34, times three. Things went well enough for a little while, until they didn’t.

Here’s where the real drama starts. I was hanging out with my American friend who I had helped propose to his local girlfriend and discussing some business opportunities and generally hanging out when I got a text message from Elena. She was reminding me that her birthday was in a week and that she “expected gifts, roses, small bulbs only and cream or orange color, and an expensive dinner”. She then sent me two links to some specific jewelry that cost 15,000 uah in total, approximately $500. Add in the rare flowers and dinner and we’re looking at a $700 birthday, minimum. If that’s what she expected then, what next in less than a week on Valentine’s day…

I flat out told her no. I was absolutely disgusted by this behavior. $700 is more than the average monthly Ukrainian’s salary and gifts are gifts, not expectations. I have a strict no gift policy here in Ukraine personally and you should adopt this too. She would never have asked a local Ukrainian guy for such a thing, only me be because I am American. Again she went full ultra mega bitch by text messages, and then she started on her war path. She marked my messages as spam on Telegram to try to get my account restricted and then she went out of her way to try to start trying to causing drama for any of my contacts she had. If she tried anything else I don’t know because it didn’t work. Real pro-tip here guys, never let any girl you date here in Ukraine integrate herself with your social network. This is all too common where when you break up they will try to burn everything down. We broke up again.

This is where the real fun drama starts and I expected this to happen and she did not disappoint. One key point I need to explain first though, Elena is addicted to Tinder and treating men like shit by text. She also lied on Tinder listing her age as 31 and not 36. After catching her more than a few times on Tinder in bed or randomly she explained to me she just used it to mistreat men on the platform. Of course, I knew this was a half-truth, as I had seen her moving conversations off Tinder onto Telegram, so I knew she was probably cheating on me, or at least keeping her options open. She would send me screenshots daily of horrible messages she sent guys on Tinder and how they responded. It was pretty good trolling, but really showed who she was inside.

Like I said, I saw this coming. After 2 days silence she messaged me. It read like a planned script, and likely it was an idea given to her by one of her friends or she had done this before, possibly even planned this all along. Luckily, I already knew about this scam. First, she accused me of infecting her with an STD (I’m clean, I only pursue committed relationships and get tested between them, and never had one). She’s probably lying about this point, but if she’s not then it confirms that she was cheating on me. Next she threatened to go to the cops, and the embassy with reports against me. Another interesting point, her English became perfect instead of typical broken Slavic English, so she was clearly getting help from someone to construct these messages. Finally she demanded that I “silently pay her money or else she would go to the cops”. She even gave me a deadline a few days away. Yep, this is literally attempted blackmail, and of course I saved screenshots of the conversations which she deleted after. Considering I know I did nothing wrong and know about this scam already all I could bring myself to do was laugh my ass off and troll her back like she did to her Tinder guys. I didn’t engage her as she typed out her script to me. I just kept talking about pizza, how I wanted pizza, and did she want some pizza too? Then I sent her a picture of some pizza. Then I ordered a pizza to celebrate finding one of these scams in the wild. In America an evil woman like this could do real damage to a man with false allegations, so a huge thank you to Ukraine and it’s legal system for protecting men’s rights.

I spent some time thinking back on this nearly a month long relationship and I’ll never know for sure, but here’s what I have concluded. She approached me, so it’s possible I was a mark all along, as I represented a high value target she was able to invest some time in building up a relationship with. I actually have no way to know she really is 36 or what her birthday really is. She actively hid all her personal details, I don’t know her last name, where she lives, where she works, or any of her friends. She kept me completely isolated from her “other life”. She attempted to start drama over nothing and get me to make it up to her with “actions”, a soft ask for gifts. She then engaged in a lot of attempted emotional manipulation, got back together with me, and immediately stepped up her demands to $700+ of gifts. Had I given into that, in less than a week would have been round 2 of Valentine’s day. Then when none of that worked she resorted to threats and weakly attempted blackmail to extort cash out of me.

I saw all the red flags, and as I told my friends here about how my relationship was going they thought I was insane for dating her. Of course, everyone was right, even myself. Yet I still did it, because if I hadn’t done it I wouldn’t have such a great personal example to share with you about why you should absolutely never date women here over the age of 25. By then if they are single they are too damaged to form real long term emotional bonds with, and the odds of them having learned how to scam foreigners or resorted to other unethical things are too high. My total cost for this month worth of Elena entertainment was well under $100 and I hope my story helps you in the future avoid ending up in a situation like this.

Elena, if you’re reading this, I’ll buy you a pizza as a consolation prize for none of your scams working on me and even give you $50 if you’ll agree to come forward and do an interview.

How To Use Instagram To Get Women In Ukraine

In this article I am going to talk about Instagram, how I hate normie social media, and how I came to realize that I was doing it wrong, and you are too. I have always hated social media and I never saw the appeal of Instagram until I fell down a rabbit hole of researching Instagram and the benefits that it can bring, especially in regards to dating and women. I originally started my Instagram so I could post some photos for my friends back in America and have them saved in case I lost my phone. Then I bought the crown and magic happened and now here we are.

Without going too much into what women look for in men, I think we can all agree women are attracted to high social status men. Instagram may be a platform for social media, sharing photos, and a text message application, but it also works as a proxy for social status as well. Instagram makes it prominent how many people follow you and how many people you follow. An entire social ecosystem of expectations and assumptions has developed around this one single number of how many followers you have. Simply put, the more followers you have the higher you rank in social standing the eyes of women who use Instagram, which is every single woman in Ukraine. Instagram, if used correctly for this purpose, serves as a gigantic advertisement for you. If you don’t have an Instagram in Ukraine you’re not going to do as well as you could otherwise and opportunities will slip by you until you start using Instagram correctly.

I’m going to assume you don’t have an Instagram account already, but if you do have an old or unused account then great! Use that one to start this process. Otherwise sign up for a new account but note Instagram limits newer accounts more than old accounts with limits on how many actions you can take per hour and per day on the platform. It’s going to take you slightly longer to build up a new account into a useful and socially valuable asset to you. You need to start this process now so your Instagram account is ready to show off by the time you visit Ukraine.

The average girl on Instagram has 600 followers, whereas the average guy has 150 followers, so as a guy you’re going to get much more value and status out of your Instagram account being seen as a popular guy. It’s not hard to stand out against other men on Instagram. There are a couple standard milestones for Instagram follower count that matter, 500, 1,000, and 15,000 followers. Your first goal should be 500 followers, which will enable you to grow your Instagram account faster as your limits on the number of actions you can take per day, such as following other users, will increase.

Before getting into the details of how to grow your Instagram account into a valuable social asset to you let me stress that you really don’t have a choice here, you have to have Instagram in order to be as successful as possible meeting women in Ukraine. A typical interaction in Ukraine when meeting a woman is to exchange Instagram or Telegram contacts. This is why having what appears to be a popular Instagram account matters so much, she is going to see your follower count when she adds your contact and she will instantly judge your social status based on this number. She’ll also see it frequently again when she goes to text with you. As dumb and unfair as this may be, your only winning move here is to play the game. Fortunately, you don’t really need to actually engage with Instagram or put much time, energy, or effort into growing your account if you follow this method.

If making a new account, pick a name that doesn’t have dots or dashes in it so it’s easier to type and search for, and avoid numbers if possible. You can always change your username, so don’t worry too much if starting with an old Instagram account, just change it when you come up with a good name. Fill in all the details possible on the account information page with whatever you like, just don’t leave them blank. Also pick and upload a main profile picture.

To start it doesn’t matter what your account is about, you’re going to eventually delete everything you ever post and change your Instagram to be an advertisement for you and your social status. Decide on something, but keep it socially acceptable and normal. It could be cats, travel photos, random cool photos, it really doesn’t matter, just don’t post things that could possibly get you banned. Avoid politics and keep it totally politically correct. Since you’re interesting in traveling to Ukraine you can even make it all about Ukrainian stuff. Just don’t make your Instagram about you right now, later once you have a high follower count you’ll delete every post you made and upload pictures of yourself and your adventures.

Start by selecting three pictures to post on your account and post those right away. If you’re starting on an old account don’t worry about deleting anything you previously posted, just leave those posts there, they will help you as well. Every day post one new picture to Instagram, it really doesn’t matter what. You just want Instagram to think you’re a real user, which you are, and let Instagram lift it’s internal action limits on your account.

Instagram limits new accounts to approximately 50 actions per day, so you want to spend these on following other people. About 25% of users will mindlessly politely follow you back, and this is how you’re going to grow your account to your first 500 followers and get higher action limits. It really doesn’t matter who you follow, search any topic that interests you on Instagram and click the follow button on them. I could suggest Ukrainian women since that’s what you are eventually interested in, but really any topic will do. Count as you spam 50 follows to random accounts, then close the app and forget about it until tomorrow. Repeat this daily until you reach your first 100 followers, which will increase your limits slightly, allowing you to do this twice a day. At around 500 followers you’ll be able to follow 200 new people per day, but there is still a per hour limit that is lower. There is a hard cap limit of 7,500 people you can follow on Instagram. If you did this every day it would still take you over 37 days to hit this limit, so don’t worry about it, you’ll reach the cap eventually. If you stick with it and hit the cap you’ll end up with approximately 1,875 users who follow you back, and possibly some natural growth if whatever you post is interesting or entertaining.

Really it only takes half that time, or about 3 weeks, to get your Instagram account over 1,000 followers, which is the 2nd and important milestone. This is the point when a Ukrainian woman sees you have 1,000 followers and her pussy starts getting moist. Really what’s happening here is your account is helping you to signal you are a high social status popular male, which women here want. It’s going to help you in ways you hopefully never realize because you didn’t waste your time being some random typical male retard. You’re going to get ghosted less by women you meet. You’ll get more engagement from them by text messaging. You’ll even unlock the ability to send random messages to girls on Instagram and get a much higher response rate than you otherwise would have. All of this is thanks to your number of followers being 4 digits and not 3 digits. You already know women care about how many digits are in your bank account, and your Instagram account is no different.

It’s your choice from there, as a bigger number is always better. Size does matter. But at 1,000 followers you should delete all your posts from your history and upload pictures of you looking your best and whatever other random cool photos you want to represent yourself. Then stop posting. Let your account sit there as an advertisement of you. Delete every person you follow, and be mindful of the 200 unfollow limit per day, because next I’m going to talk about what is called ratio.

Ratio is how many people follow you compared to how many people you follow. Frequent Instagram users, read women, know these tricks and they know about ratio. In fact, most people do. Lucky for you, you can delete all evidence you ever did this strategy by unfollowing everyone. The ideal high status Instagram account has a lot of people follow it, but follows very few people itself. The ratio of people who follow your account to the people you follow should be high. Meaning if 1,000 people follow you, and you follow 100 people, your ratio is 10-1, or 10. What matters most is how many people follow you, but also when your account is in the 1,000-15,000 followers range, you need to also signal you didn’t gain these followers by just spamming random people with follow requests. When I see an account that follows more than 1,000 people itself, I know what they are doing, growth hacking their own Instagram follower account with this same tactic. It’s an incredibly stupid system but this is the way it works and you have no choice but to play the game.

Hopefully you start this method immediately so you’re not playing catch up when you arrive in Ukraine, but it’s never to late to start growing your Instagram account so that your Instagram account can help you be successful with women in Ukraine. One final thought, you may be tempted to buy followers for your account or even buy a Instagram account that is already made with a bunch of followers. The method I described is considered a legitimate and natural way to grow an Instagram account, but if you don’t have time to do this before your trip to Ukraine, or just want to skip it, you can just buy an account with a few thousand followers and edit it into your own. Never buy followers, they are all automated bots and will be banned eventually and are thus a scam. If you find yourself interested in buying an Instagram account to bootstrap yourself and use while on your trip to Ukraine, you can contact me. In my research on the topic I came across a few legitimate account selling services and I can point you in the right direction. Still, I don’t advise doing this, but it’s much better than not having a popular Instagram account while in Ukraine.

Cold Approaching Local Ukrainian Women – My Thoughts

Cold approaching is like marketing yourself, a gigantic targeted advertisement that you’re on the market. She most likely doesn’t want what you’re trying to sell her, aka you, but if you never try you’ll never make any sales.

I can also tell you from personal experience, I tried the friends of friends/clubs/social events approach. At least here in Ukraine it works like dog shit, not worth the effort. Now as I walk around the city in my day to day life I just beeline to any woman I find attractive and I do exactly this:

“Excuse me, do you speak any English?”
If no, I move on, if yes:
“I think you’re cute, can I have your Telegram or Instagram? I’d like to take you on a date later.”
If no, who cares. If yes I message her hello immediately and begin negotiating the time/date/place we are going to meet.

It’s one gigantic filter of no’s, which is great, because it allows me to find exactly what I’m looking for, someone who is attractive, speaks some English, single, and willing to go on a date.

Let’s break it down. I can do 100 cold approaches standing at a metro station in 3 hours, easily more, but let’s assume 3 hours.
Approximately 50 will stop and speak some English.
Approximately 25 will give me their contact information.
Approximately 12 will actually reply ever and not just ghost me.
Approximately 6 will actually be an “available” woman, aka no boyfriend and not married, not committed to working/school all the time, or otherwise some social red flag that makes me stop talking to her.

I end up with 1-3 in person dates for a drink or dinner when I do this.

That’s a 2% success rate overall just to get a date. What do I get on Tinder/Badoo/Bumble? Maybe 1 date a month using all my swipes if I’m lucky (I’m not paying for that shit). To compare, my buddy who is local Ukrainian and looks extremely good has a higher success rate per approach than mine, but he makes 1/4th or less the approaches I do, so I end up doing way better than he does. He’s constantly single and I always am juggling multiple dates or a girlfriend.

That’s just cold approaching outside. In bars I do a lot better, I estimate it at 10%+ to get a date because I do more social interaction.

The moral of the story here is, if you’re willing to put 8 hours in to a job you should also be willing to put in 8 hours to find a girlfriend or wife since that’s really what you want.

Lifehack – Teach English In Ukraine

I get asked often about teaching English in Ukraine and I want to say, yes, this is a good idea, for many reasons. It’s fairly easy to get a job teaching English in Ukraine if you have literally any college degree or a TEFL certification. There are many schools who will hire you as a native speaker, but the pay won’t be great. Private tutoring pays much better, but you’ll need to start somewhere to build up a client list and reputation and one of the many English language schools is a great place to start. However, the main reason guys come to Ukraine isn’t to work as an relatively low paid teacher, it’s to meet women! This is the main benefit of teaching English in Ukraine. You are going to meet a ton of local women. I know multiple guys who taught English not for the paycheck but just for the social benefits. Getting paid was just a bonus.

Another option is to attend one of the many social English/Ukrainian/Russian language meetups that happen frequently around the city. There are some long standing clubs that meet in public places just to have conversations in English and meet new people and I will gladly put you in contact with these groups if you contact me. They can also be great for just making new friends and opening new doors to social event invitations here in Kyiv.