An Introduction to Geomaxxing

Hello based readers. Since my last post I have been spending some time in Istanbul, Turkey. I miss Ukraine of course but winter is coming and I really don’t want to do another Ukrainian winter again, at least not this year.

I started a new community and project called Geomaxxing. We have a fast growing Discord server you can message me to join and I own with a forum coming soon. Geomaxxing is a relatively new up and coming term to describe the benefits of travel or becoming a long term expat. It is my hope to make more people aware of what Geomaxxing is and why you should do it.

Geomaxxing encompasses many advantages. In this primer I will discuss just some of the main ideas behind Geomaxxing and what it is.

Geomaxxing is fundamentally about traveling abroad in order to live a better life, improve yourself, and seek to attain the goals you have set for yourself. By traveling to another country many of these things become much easier, even automatic, as you begin your journey in a foreign land.

The geomaxxing community consists of all kinds of people, but the common thread between us all is that we are seeking something which is hard or impossible to find in our home countries. I find that many if not most of us have right-leaning political views. We are already being alienated by the lefty libtard globohomo NPC shills that now dominate mainstream society, and while some people double down and start prepping for conflict, or go innawoods, others make the leap and hop on a plane, many times never to return.

Digital nomads have figured this out, as technology had enabled many people to seek out lower cost of living places while maintaining a Western level of income. Others not in the technology field can become English teachers which are always in high demand, or market their other skills to earn overseas, usually along with tax decreasing benefits as well. But Geomaxxing isn’t just about living somewhere where the dollar or euro goes farther, there are many other benefits.

The incel, redpill, and blackpill communities stand to gain a lot from Geomaxxing. As we all know, Western women are ruined. It’s literally over. They used to say there are plenty of fish in the sea. Not anymore. Now the ocean of women consists only of landwhales, mudsharks, and multicolored triggerfish. Gone are the beautiful mermaids, as the Jews done it again and poisoned enough wells that it has leeched into the ground water and poisoned the entire ocean. Any decent looking fish you do happen to rarely find will be so poisoned by the kikes you wouldn’t want to keep it anyways. It is time to move to a different fishing spot.

Overseas, specifically in Eastern Europe (EE) or South East Asia (SEA), the fish are still biting, plentiful, tame, good looking, and want to be caught. Many guys main reason for going overseas is because they can’t get a decent woman back in the West. I find that almost always the problem isn’t the guy, it’s the women. For the average guy in the West, it’s over and his odds of finding a decent life partner are effectively zero. Overseas, there is not only hope, but almost a surety that you will get a girlfriend.

I also want to talk about the quality of living overseas. Having been to Ukraine, Hungary, and Turkey myself, along with many trip reports from friends and lengthy discussions I can say that everyone agrees. The quality and standard of living abroad is higher than it is back home. Each place offers unique benefits, from drinking culture in Ukraine to tea culture in Turkey, that are not to be found back home. Anything you could possibly want is still available overseas. Yes, these places have their problems, but as an expat you often simply won’t experience the problems the locals have, such as low wages, poverty, and corruption. Your dealings with the local government systems is often as minimal as passport control on the way in and out.

Another major benefit of Geomaxxing is the social benefits. Everywhere you go there will be local and expat meetups to join and make new friends. English speaking groups and clubs are common and a great way to meet people as well. You will unavoidably learn the basics of another language and culture along the way. Everywhere I have been so far has been open, friendly, and welcoming of Western expats overall.

I hope this article has nudged you a little closer to hopping on a plane and getting the hell out of the West. As always, my contact information is on this website, feel free to send me a message with any questions you may have.

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