AlexBrown84 aka Solour68, and DRAMA

Hello based readers. I’m here to bring you some fresh drama and drop all the details in this post about the drama that has been happening with AlexBrown84 aka Solour68,, and

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Hey everyone. As many of us know, AlexBrown (Solour68) of shame , started a failed Geomaxxing forum called geomax dot me . What most of you don’t know is the whole drama behind this. You see, long before he had the idea to start a Geomaxxing forum, I registered, took related subreddit names, instagram, TikTok, everything. AlexBrown is a dumb nigger and so he didn’t think to do all this. The idea had occurred to me to expand from Ukraine to additional countries since the Ukraine war had started and many of us were traveling, and our Ukraine server was a great success pre-war for travel and advice, so it was only natural to go worldwide.

A mutual friend suggested that I contact AlexBrown to work together to build a Geomaxxing community and forum. As I already had built our Discord server to some respectable numbers, I decided to have a long talk with AlexBrown about cooperating in creating a Geomaxxing website and forum. I was willing to let him be an administrator and work with him for the betterment of the community. In our talks what I learned was that AlexBrown is basically mentally insane, unstable to say the least, possibly dangerous (he is a nigger after all), and willing to fuck over anyone. Typical nigger shit.

He brought nothing to the table, yet he started talking about wanting 50% legal ownership and his plan to run advertisements on the forum to make it profitable, before it even existed, from day 1. Anyone who knows me knows that the few dollars advertisements might make are trivial, and I did not agree with him to run advertisements. I’ll always pay our hosting and server costs out of pocket, no problem. It was also clear to me he thought advertisements pay big dollars, not micro-cents, with this made up figures in the thousands the site would make. Typical nigger shit again.

Acting in good faith, I let AlexBrown into our Discord server. He immediately abused @here and @everyone to advertise his forum, without permission. We leave those enabled as it’s a travel oriented server, so if someone has a emergency, they can get help fast. I told him to knock it off but he could stay. He didn’t, and I had to ban him. In hindsight he was never acting in good faith. In the end, for all his efforts, he gained 0 members for his forum, and made a lot of enemies in the process.

It was AlexBrown, with his nigger brain, that started trying to fuck around first. He added two “spy” Discord accounts to start stealing our content and screenshot our posts. He thought I didn’t know about them, but I did. Niggers always rat on other niggers. I let them sit there for months, but they became of no use to me in the end so I banned them.

AlexBrown then fired another shot at our Geomaxxing community and directly at me. He banned my account from his website and deleted all post history. Then minutes later he registered an account called “kingofkyiv” which was different from my actual username (of course with lower case letters, because the nigger brain can’t do capitalization in the white man’s English), and started posting directly ripped off content from my website, . This was his idea of doing SEO for his forum, using stolen content and identity theft. What his stupid nigger brain fails to realize is that, as he’s American, this is illegal, and I’ll be hitting him with a DMCA take down notice, and should he fail to comply (of course niggers never comply), I’ll let his hosting know and it’s bye bye forum and domain. So when you read this AlexBrown, this is your notice to remove my content now. I will be seeking damages in court.

How will I be seeking damages in court one may wonder? Well AlexBrown doxxed himself enough and pissed off enough people that someone doxxed him. I don’t mind posting this document as basically everyone interested knows about it, and I’m not hosting it. The DMCA allows me to seek monetary damages for copyright infringement, of which I have all the proof saved already, so it’s a slam dunk case. Plus, we’re both Americans, so I have standing to sue him in multiple favorable jurisdictions. It’s going to really suck for him when he has to cut his Geomaxxing trip short to show up in federal court, spending thousands flying back to the USA from where his is currently in Japan. The best part is since my website is a company, I don’t personally have to attend, I’ll pay a 3rd rate lawyer to do so. So either he’ll pay up in a settlement, or lose out bigger having to defend himself in court. I’m also fine if he doesn’t show and I get a default judgement against him. Either way, he pays for his nigger ways.

Let’s put that aside for now and go back to talking about his geomax dot me forum. As of today it has 112 users. Active accounts are really less than 15, and it’s mostly just a personal spam blog for him and failed project. At least 30, if not more, of the account registrations are fakes done by AlexBrown himself to boost the numbers early on. Another 20 or so are accounts myself, or friends, registered, to let all the non-niggers using their forum know about our Discord server. I figured since he did it first himself he would be okay with me doing it back. Of course that wasn’t the case.

Let’s also talk about The 13th Warrior his only other admin on the forum. I have nothing bad to say about this guy except suspicions. We talked at length, and I offered him to come administrate this forum. You see, AlexBrown has zero IT skills, so he needed to con someone into doing it for him, and that would be The 13th Warrior. I feel bad for the guy to have wasted his him building a forum for AlexBrown, and he’s still welcome to join us. After talking for a while he even did agree to leave geomax dot me and come help build this forum once I had set it up. I was hoping for a little more enthusiasm from him, and I began to suspect with all his delays that he was coordinating with AlexBrown to sabotage this project. My suspicions were somewhat confirmed when he lost all interest when I wouldn’t give him any access he didn’t need to my servers. There was no need for such permissions as I am an IT person myself and can do everything he was asking for permission to do. Had I gave him permissions he could have attempted to do some damage. I can’t say for sure he wasn’t being earnest, but, well, he deals with that nigger AlexBrown so I have to assume he’s of the same character. He clearly has no problem with the copyright infringement as I told him about it and he ignored it. I hope their domain isn’t registered in his name, else he’s going to end up a co-defendant in court with AlexBrown. I’ll make an offer, if you do happen to be on the legal domain registration, abandon the project now, delete the website, and I won’t seek damages against you as well. You have until I file my DMCA take down request to do so.

Finally, let’s add some lulz. AlexBrown attempted to copy our Discord community, with a pathetic 10 members, and by the time anyone reads this, I joined it, and DM’d everyone a link to this article. I’ll also be sending this to the community and hopefully they’ll consider taking action against him and giving him the yeet as well. Finally, the rest of my evening will be spent sending this post out to as many people as possible who may know AlexBrown, as well as spending a few dollars on to send a hard copy to all his family’s addresses and individuals otherwise named in his dox.

Finally, just to show I’v done everything possible to work with AlexBrown yet he continues to attack and defame me, I will give AlexBrown 72 hours to take down . The deadline is 2am UTC +3 on October 15th, 2022. I don’t even want an apology, I just want him to understand that when you fuck around with the wrong person, sometimes you find out. I honestly hope he ignores this kind offer so I can proceed with my lawsuit against him.

And as always, fuck niggers.


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